30 THE COASTAL BEND MAGAZINE • Fall 2018 TheCoastalBend.com Christmas Caroling An original Christmas tradition that has struggled to survive over the years is also one of the most fun—and brings neighborhoods together in the true spirit of the holidays. Let us offer a few tips on putting together your Christmas Caroling band of jolly spreaders! • Be a good host—The organizer often hosts a friendly rehearsal party, along with the staging and after-caroling party. Remember tasty refreshments! • Send invitations early—At least two weeks notice; get plenty of singers and count on a few missing out. • Make a music plan—Have enough lyr- ics printed for everyone and recruit at least one experienced musician. • Plan your caroling route—Walk your route ahead of time and make a plan for keeping the show moving. • Host a rehearsal party—Get together a couple of days ahead to practice, firm up the plan and become friends. • Recruit non-singers—Bells need jingling and some folks like maracas, so don’t leave out the shy because they don’t want to sing. Merry Christmas! Smile and remain cheerful. Choose a caroling group that “works.” Try to avoid carolers who go over the top. A sweet, coordinated group of gentle singers is always appreciated.