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12 Texas Coastal Bend tour guide Late Summer 2015 CorpusChristi New Exhibits at CC Museum The Corpus Christi Museum of Science History has un- dergone a number of posi- tive changes over the past year or so among them the improvement of its popular Paleontology exhibit the unveiling of History of the American Gun exhibit plus the ongoing expansion of its Childrens Wharf area. 1900 N. Shoreline Blvd. The U.S.S. Lexington CVA-16 was commissioned in 1943 and christened in honor of the original Lexing- ton which was lost in 1942 at the Battle of the Coral Sea at the start of World War II. The newLady Lexset more combat records than any carrier in U.S. Naval history and today rests in Corpus Christi Bay as the U.S.S. Lexington Museum on the Bay a tribute and memorial to those who served defending America. The Lexington is the oldest remaining aircraft carrier in the world. Famed Japanese propagandist Tokyo Rose after reporting in error on numerous occasions that the Lex- ington had been sunk nicknamed the ship theBlue Ghostwhich has stuck to this day. The Lex is credited with destroying over 800 enemy aircraft 300000 tons of enemy ships and damaging another 600000 tons in Pacific War battles that included the Kwajalein Raid Battle of the Philippine Sea Battle of Leyte Gulf and in bombing attacks on Japanese home islands at the end of the war. Eleven of the ships 16 decks are included in tours of the Lex including the flight deck where 20 military aircraft are tethered ranging from a vintage N3N-3 Yellow Pearl biplane to a Blue Angels F18 Hornet. The popular state-of-the-art 16 passenger Flight Simula- tor is located on the hanger deck as is the World War II Virtual Battle Stations game center. The Joe Jessel Mega Theater features both vintage and ultra-modern aviation and other adventure films in thundering digital sound and brilliant video projec- tion. Give yourself a good half-day to fully enjoy the U.S.S. Lexington Museum on the Bayan unmatched educational experience in American history. 2914 N. Shoreline Blvd. on North Beach 361 888-4873 Step Aboard American History From Top U.S.S. Lexington deploys from Boston Harbor 1943 War Operations room onboard the current museum U.S. Navy fighter planes on deck in the Pacific 1944. Casino Ship Now Sailing from Aransas Pass The Aransas Queen Casino Ship started daily trips to the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year where full cash-prize gambling is allowed outside state waters nine nautical miles offshore. Gamers can play over 200 certified Vegas-style slot machines from a penny to 25 per pull roulette craps and Blackjack. The Aransas Queen is operated by a Las Vegas-based gaming and hospitality company and offers a clean professionally run ship. A Las Vegas Sportsbook starts up this fall with all games shown live on satellite TV. Cruises run at 11am everyday with a second 7pm cruise many days. 2200 TX Hwy 361 844 426-2534