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46 Texas Coastal Bend tour guide Late Summer 2015 Corpus Christi railroad seafood station any tastefish tacos with avocado and cilantro topped with a special Mexican sauce makes for a perfect lunchcolossal shrimp served grilled or fried in a variety of special battersor enjoy a perfectly grilled fresh fish filet. You might love Harri- sons Landing so much that youll find yourself back the next evening for a yacht ride or sunset cruise. Indoor dining in the beautiful Marina Room now open. Dont miss Sunday Champagne Brunch 108 Peoples Street T-Head 361 881-8503 Railroad Seafood Station Brewery When visiting a coastal destination it is inevitable that you will seek out fresh seafood as part of your trip. South Texas in particular not unlike other regions of the South is home to a very distinct style of seafood that was formulated almost 70 years ago along the shores of Baffin Bay. Those special recipes include the per- fectly seasoned batter used for jumbo fried shrimp and fresh Texas oysters which are served at Railroad Seafood as dinner plates or family stylethat is to say by the pound. Fish lovers will enjoy the freshest snapper catfish drum and flounder prepared fried broiled or blackened. The chefs here expertly dabble in more distant flavors like Cajun Snapper Pontchartrain and Polynesian Colossal Coconut Shrimp which could be one of the very best shrimp dishes in the Coastal Bend. You will also find one of the best hamburgers in town here. Home brewed beer in the adjacent Hofbrau Bar which is big enough for private parties. 1214 N. Chaparral St. 361 883-6200 YO Philly Cheese Steaks While Philadelphias two most famous cheese steak shops have fought for decades over whos best theres no questions whatsoever where you will find the best most authentic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in the Coastal Bend and that is YO on North Beach. The true Philly sandwich starts with a heap of thin cut steak sauted with onions and mushrooms and topped with melting Provolone cheese. YO is home to delicious burgers along with great sausage sandwiches real Italian hoagies and moremade with specialty meats and cheeses from Philly. YO also serves up hot dogs roast pork and beef and terrific pizzas. YOs second location recently opened at S. Alameda and Doddridge in Midtown Corpus Christi. 3314 Surfside Blvd. on North Beach 361 452-8750 3735 S. Alameda St. at Doddridge 361 452-6901 Hoegemeyers BBQ Barn Just about everyone with a backyard grill thinks they make great barbecuesome of these folks end up openingcue restaurants but only a few really know what theyre doing. In downtown Corpus Christi the recently opened Hoegemeyers BBQ is where you want to go as these folks know barbecue. Every item on the menu is made fresh daily and they keep serving until they run out in the afternoon. Enjoy all the traditional favorites served Hill Country style on plain butcher paper except