94 THE COASTAL BEND MAGAZINE • January/February 2018 TheCoastalBend.com Coastal Bend Food Harrison’s Landing The casual atmosphere that comes with life on the water is what you’ll find at Har- rison’s Landing, which is, actually, a yachting center and marina, boutique and bar and restaurant all in one! Enjoy cold gulf shrimp and a frosty margarita while taking in the breathtaking sunset over Corpus Christi’s marina and bay front—all while toe-tapping to the sounds of a popular local beach band. Harrison’s offers a delicacy for just about any taste—fish tacos with avocado and cilantro, topped with a special Mexican sauce makes for a perfect lunch—colossal shrimp served grilled or fried in a variety of special batters—or enjoy a perfectly grilled fresh fish filet. You might love Harrison’s Landing so much that you’ll find yourself back the next evening for a yacht ride or sunset cruise. 108 Peoples Street T-Head • (361) 881-8503 HarrisonsLanding.net • $$ Harrison’s Landing Mesquite Street Pizza & Pasta This little pizza shop in downtown has taken off to become one of the most popular places in the city. Enjoy a wonder- ful variety of gourmet pizzas in traditional sizes, as well a gigantic“giant slice,”and the breathtaking 30-inch pizza. You’ll also find a nice selection of fresh salads, as well as some of the best homemade pasta dishes in town. Many places make their case for best burger, and judging from on- line reviews and return business, Mesquite Street is at the top of the running. Full bar service with specialty drinks like the famous Big Red Margarita. Live comedy on the weekends, and open mic Thurs- days; nationally known comedy acts at Mesquite Street Comedy Club next door. 617 Mesquite St. • (361) 882-7499 EatPizzaDowntown.com • $$ Price’s Chef Since 1940 this Six Points diner has served generations of happy Corpus Christians and visitors alike to one of the most popular all-day breakfast menus in the Coastal Bend, cooked perfectly, fast and made to order. Lunch at Price’s Chef Mesquite St. Pizza & Pasta Price’s Chef Winter is a great time for seasonal oysters and crawfish! In restaurants and seafood shops, with cold weather comes the best quality and lowest prices of the year for these shellfish faves. While Texas oysters and Louisiana crawfish appear, and taste, as though they have little in common, the season in which they prosper and come ready for harvest are very similar—not in the summer, and yes, in the cooler months. The rule for old timers on the gulf coast has always been,“Only eat oysters in months that have an‘R’in them,”i.e. not May, June, July or August—and honestly, if the idea is that oysters can be less safe if harvested in warm waters, then you might want to skip September as well. While oysters on the half shell are a delicacy eaten raw, bacterial risk is always less when any seafood product is cooked. Smell is the best test—there should be none, and the taste and texture will be best. Louisiana crawfish come into season in late November and December, and are generally plentiful through the spring, especially following warm- er, wetter winters. Celebrate the cooler months with a feast of the best Gulf Coast seafood!